American- International Cuisine With A Caribbean Flair

"Where diversity meets palate".

Blue Moon is Just a Pleasant Place for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Blue Moon Main Street Restaurant is formed on the premise that no matter the diversity or palate of your group, once you make a decision to share a meal together, you should all be able to sit down and eat under one roof, enjoying good food that stimulates and satisfy your plate in a quite, intimate setting.


Buffalo Chicken Wings $8.99
French cut chicken wings tossed in a mild buffalo sauce served on a bed of lettuce

Grill Crab Cake with Mango Salsa $10.95
Breaded crab cake, garlic and herbs crostini with fresh mango salsa

King-size Beef Kabobs $12.95
Beef-kabobs, grilled tomatoes, blue cheese fondue

Seafood Florentine $8.99
Seafood combo, served in creamy spinach sauce, topped with crispy leeks

Roasted Tomato Soup $3.75 (cup) $6.50 (bowl)


Chilled Poached Shrimp $7.95
Tasty tropical fruit salsa, market greens

Bacon Wrap Plantain $4.95
Plantain wrap with smoked bacon, passion fruit coli

Tropical seafood kabobs $7.95
Large sea scallops, spicy Italian sausage, grilled mango served with Chimichurri sauce

Jerk chicken spring roll $8.95
Blue moon ginger sauce

Chef Choice Soup $4.50 (cup) $7.00 (bowl)

Absolutely Stunning

We simply love the food and the concept at Let's Meat. A very friendly and romantic place where you can find the love and steak of your life.

Great food & fun idea

Well, this place is definitely one of a kind. The combination of great food and a romantic rendezvous is not seen anywhere else and we like it.

We had our doubts

But after 5 minutes we were absolutely convinced. This place has invented a really beautiful idea and the people behind Let's Meat are awesome.


Restaurant Hours:

Monday - Sunday 7:00AM to 12:45AM

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